Don’t Tread On Us, Bro

Remember the Revolutionary War? Nope, me neither.  It was a long time ago.  However, nothing boils the blood of Yankees and confederates alike as does a good ‘ole England vs. USA rivalry.  When it was announced 6 months ago that the US would be competing against the Brits in the opening round of the World Cup, the engines got started and the reminiscing of this classic dissension took place.

Soon the animosity that once existed between these two countries will die down and only be remembered on July 4th and when that annoying British transfer student yells English slurs at you while playing in an intramural soccer game, as it always has been.  Understanding this, Dodge recently released a commercial for their new Challenger which capitalized on this fortunate World Cup pairing.  With feelings of allegiance strong during this month, Dodge’s new commercial depicts a truly American product.

Dodge has done an excellent job of utilizing current events and feelings of patriotism to produce a TV spot that hits home with the audience.  Whereas the Challenger may not be able to compete with its foreign counterparts on price and features, it is American, and American’s love America.  The car company incorporates a bit of humor and gives viewers something to chuckle over and tell their friends about.  Likely the commercial will not air for very long after the USA vs. England opening game, but it was an advantageous ploy for the time being.

The only narration in the minute long segment proclaims “There’s a couple of things America got right, cars and freedom”.  I’ll agree on the freedom aspect, but Dodge may want to look back at their financials for the car portion.  Last time I checked premier companies don’t operate in the red.

12. June 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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