Twitter Promotion Done Right: Edge Shave Gel

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a Twitter account for @EdgeShaveZone and was immediately intrigued by not only the content being produced but by the ingeniousness of the campaign in general. As part of the company’s mission to reduce irritation, Edge started a multiple channel anti-irritation campaign to help America become a bit less irritated. Edge asked consumers to tweet at them daily annoyances while using their #soirritating hashtag. Originally, Edge gave out several gift cards for Starbucks and iTunes to help calm consumers grievances, but this shortly evolved into much more.

About a month ago, Edge fan Matthew DeCoste tweeted at the company stating his disdain for not being able to snag New England Patriots tickets. A few days later he opened up his mailbox and there were the tickets he desired courtesy of Edge. This essentially sparked a continuous string of giveaways from Edge in efforts of turning formerly irritated consumers into happy campers.

Speed up the clock to a few weeks ago when I first heard of the campaign. That morning, Edge tweeted that they may possibly be giving away an iPad to the fan who relays the most irritating social media buzzwords. Working in the industry, I am constantly bombarded with terms such as brand ninja, content curation, and as many synonyms for viral as you can think of. I decided to send a few of these Edge’s way, and turns out it was a good thing I did. The next day, @EdgeShaveZone announced that I had won an iPad, which to my surprise showed up on my doorstep a mere three days later.

The beauty of this campaign (besides the fact that I now own an iPad) is that it was constructed perfectly from concept to execution. In order for social media promotions to be successful, they need to appeal to the consumer first and foremost. Everyone has irritations, therefore anyone can participate in Edge’s promotion and feel relevant. Edge has done an excellent job in fostering communication and engaging fans along the way by openly responding and retweeting those who tweet at Edge. Edge could have only given away Edge branded products, but that wouldn’t have had nearly the same effect. By attempting to reduce consumer’s irritations, whatever they may be, Edge has established a connection with fans that feels real and tangible.

The true power of social media is its ability to reach millions of consumers at the click of a button. Edge’s promotion gives fans a reason to share with their friends and following. Everyone likes winning things, and mankind has an innate sense to immediately tell everyone they know once they have won something. Couple these two factors and you are sure to generate positive buzz for your brand.

There have been several others who have come out on the receiving end of this campaign. Chris Dorsey, an account manager at advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, received a Slingbox after tweeting at Edge about his unhappiness over not being able to watch his hometown Baltimore Ravens play while living in Colorado. Chris was equally impressed with the company and had this to say about the campaign:

“The Edge shaving gel promotion is another example of blurring the lines between digital and real life. Edge became a brand hero to a lot of potential consumers gaining a lot of attention for this unique effort. It’s often the little things that bother us most. Acknowledging this, Edge seized the opportunity to facilitate these not-so-random acts of kindness.

More and more we see companies inventing unique ways to interact with customers and this promotion is a perfect example. With so many different media platforms at consumer’s fingertips, it can be almost impossible to break through the clutter with an authentic brand message. Edge did this on a personal level with such a large number of their followers; in real time.

In my communications with Edge I truly felt like I was engaging with a person, not a faceless company.”

Keep an eye on @EdgeShaveZone and you too may receive a bit of help in reducing your irritation. I look forward to seeing the rest of their anti-irritation campaign roll out and am excited to see what the company has in store for the future.

02. November 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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