Nike Giving You Incentives to Run


Nike is hoping to encourage more young people to consider themselves “runners” (as opposed to casual exercise joggers) with a interactive game campaign they are rolling out in London. Titled, “The GRID”, Nike has broken up the city of London into 48 different zip codes. Each zip code contains 4 phone booths that are part of their GRID system. Players start by dialing in to the Nike number on one of the 192 phone booths around the city. They are then prompted to enter their personal code, which credits them for being at the phone booth. From there, players are given instructions to run to another close by phone booth.

Runners can compete as individuals, on teams, or both, and rake in points for the number of phone booth runs they complete. The running data is collected and cataloged through a series of interactive YouTube videos on that chart all the runs completed each day. GRID has borrowed the reward systems from some of our favorite location based social networking sites. Those who complete the most runs in a specific area code will then “own” that piece of the map. GRID also awards performers with badges for exceptional achievements.

We all need a bit of encouragement to workout, and GRID provides a fun atmosphere to do so. Physical activity is always more enjoyable when there is an aspect of competition involved. This is the second time Nike has issued its GRID competition, after a successful inaugural engagement back in April. Maybe next time GRID will jump the pond and come to a U.S. city?

02. November 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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