Nike Football Encourages You to Write The Future

With the 2010 World Cup suddenly approaching, the soccer buzz is quickly permeating the globe.  As the World Cup is the largest and most widely followed single sporting event on this planet, it allows for many businesses and individuals to capitalize on its popularity.  First off, South Africa has gained more constructive media attention this year than it has had since Nelson Mandela was released from prison.  For a country that has struggled amidst political and ethical controversy over the years, being presented in a positive light has been tremendous for the nation.

Additionally, various organizations and companies are reaping the rewards associated with the World Cup.  Soccer in general is generating more interest than usual (mainly in countries such as the US where the sport is not as beloved at large).  This increased enthusiasm for soccer triggers more jersey and memorabilia sales.  Sponsors of the event, specific players, and these players home clubs benefit from getting their name in front of millions (FIFA will argue over a billion, however some question the organization’s statistical analysis) of fans.  Every four years during the months of June and July, life is good.

Nike, never failing to take advantage of presented opportunities (both legal, illegal, ethical, and unethical) has tapped into the World Cup phenomenon to promote its Nike Football branch.  Nike has a worldwide reputation for providing some of the best soccer products and equipment.  The company solidifies its status as a global leader in soccer by producing uniforms for famous clubs such as Barcelona and Manchester United.  Like any other major sporting brand, Nike places its logo and products in the hands (and on the feet) of its sponsored athletes which include Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney to name a few.  As one of the most recognizable brands worldwide, Nike continues to advance its image as a soccer powerhouse both on the pitch, in the store, online, in magazines, and on tv.

Nike recently introduced its “Write the Future” campaign in correspondence with this years World Cup.  The premise: you are the future of soccer.  No, not you, fat, unathletic kid.  Not you either, three sport varsity standout who would have been an all-american soccer player if you had not shunned soccer for football from an early age.  But for all the others out there with Messi’s speed, Drogba’s ball skills, and Donavan’s love of the game, you are the future.  Nike has furthered this campaign by setting up 5v5 tournaments in NYC and LA later this summer where anyone can put a team together to compete and maybe even get scouted a bit.  Pair this with the Nike Academy, Nike’s talent soccer camp, and you have a shot of being the future of soccer.

The best and most brilliant part of this campaign is the short 3 minute video Nike produced.  If you have read this far you have probably already watched it, but if not click the play button at the top of the screen.  Long story short, the video is awesome.  It’s fast paced.  It highlights Nike’s premier soccer players.  It provides humor.  It promotes some of the different cultures and countries that will be represented during the World Cup.  It even has Kobe Bryant impersonating Ronaldinho.  It has everything you could ask for from a 3 minute long soccer commercial short of Pele sucking up the entire BP oil spill with a twisty straw.

This video is fabulous and definitely makes me even more excited for the upcoming World Cup.  So excited in fact that I just used the word “fabulous” in a non-joking manner.  It does its job well by creating immense interest, promoting its brand, and strengthening its core image.  You can watch it again and again, and each time feel a renewed vigor for the ultimate battle of 32 countries.  Nike has had remarkable TV spots in the past, but this one is certainly at the top of my list (maybe even cancels out the awkwardness of watching Tiger Woods’ dead father question his son’s actions).  So now, America, it is your turn to write the future of soccer.  If only Lebron James and Adrian Peterson had laced up soccer cleats when they were little, how different this future may have been written.

01. June 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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