MLB Postseason 2010 TagOramic

Major League Baseball is taking to social media this postseason with their TagOramic campaign. Going to the TagOramic site, you are able to click on select past MLB games this postseason. From there, you can scroll throughout every inch of the stadium and zoom in to find the seats where you were sitting for that game. After finding yourself, you can tag you and your friends on Facebook, making everyone else even more jealous that you were at the game.

Each of the panoramas were constructed from hundreds of individual photographs taken over a 30 minute span and stitched together. Post-processing of the photos takes about six hours, allowing fans to view the stadium shots the morning after the game. The result is an amazing display of America’s pastime.

With 40,000 to 50,000 fans in attendance depending on the game, these pictures could easily prove to have the most people tagged in a single Facebook picture ever. TagOramic is an excellent use of social media to compliment an already memorable experience. The campaign provides fan’s with a cool souvenir, and also lets the MLB brand live on the fans Facebook page for as long as the picture remains tagged. Everybody wins, well, not really the Red Sox. Maybe next year.

19. October 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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