The Guy at Home in his Underwear

Crowdsourcing for causes is nothing new to the Internet world. We have seen it time and time again. Stanfield’s, a Canadian based underwear company, has turned the tide a bit on your typical crowdsourced frenzy. For 25 days, “the guy” otherwise known as Mark, will hang out at home in his underwear. Mark is a testicular cancer survivor, and has teamed up with Stanfield’s in order to raise $25,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Each day, Mark will wear nothing but a pair of Stanfield’s underwear as his passes the time in his apartment. For every ‘Like’ that the guy in his underwear gets on Facebook, Stanfield’s will donate $1 to support cancer research. It is only day 3, and the fan page has already surpassed 12,000 ‘Likes’, so I would say the guy is well on his way to victory.

What does a guy do for 25 days in his underwear you ask? Well I could tell you, but what is the fun in that? Head on over to the promotion’s site and you can find out for yourself by watching a live 24/7 stream of the guy in action. Highlights from the first three days have included the guy getting a haircut, playing volleyball, and learning a new yoga move. Just the type of activities you always wished you could watch an aging Canadian male perform in his underwear.

Stanfield’s and they guy will definitely generate a bit of publicity, and will likely reach the proposed goal of $25,000, so I guess you can claim this campaign a success thus far. I just hope it doesn’t get cold in there.

08. October 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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