Tiger Spin-Off Commercials

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Since I last wrote about the latest Nike Tiger Woods commercial, several things have happened.  Tiger put on a good showing but did not win the Masters (finishing 4th was seen as an accomplishment to most but a dissapointment to Tiger himself).  The beautiful weather has continued throughout most of the east coast, and many people have posted spin-off Tiger commercials in response to Nike’s controversial ad.

As is common these days with any slight controversy, there will always be those who seek to make fun of the situation.  I’d like to bring your attention to one of my favorite parodies of Nike’s new broadcast.  This version utilizes the same film, with different commentary.  Instead of the late Earl Woods questioning his son’s actions, the audio played is the voicemail Tiger left one of his mistresses asking her to take his name off her voicemail since his wife is going through his phonebook and calling sketchy numbers.

The funniest part in this spoof is that Tiger’s face and reaction fit perfectly with the voicemail recording, just as you would imagine it would.  The emotionless golf icon still stares blankly into the eyes of the camera, as his most famous voicemail ever is played.  We have come to associate this expression with several Tiger Wood’s feelings; upset, angry, confused, focused, determined.  His facial indications rarely change, sometimes yielding a smile after hitting the cup from the fairway, or spitting profanity as he shanks a tee shot into the trees.  This face is what we have come to know Tiger Woods by, for better or for worse.  Whether you love or hate Tiger, you can’t help but crack a smirk after watching this, the same way you started chuckling when Jim Nantz said that it was amazing that Tiger “managed a 69 through all of this” (referring to his fourth round score).  Regardless of your feelings towards the situation, all eyes are still constantly on Tiger, and when Tiger is on the course, all eyes on are Nike as well.  That may be just the thing Nike was going for.

13. April 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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