A Different Spin on Local Commercials

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We have all seen low budget commercials for our local companies.  Generally, these ads turn out to be uninteresting and generally not creative plugs for the businesses usually ending in the entire company waving to you.  More often then not these TV spots include someone really creepy, or a child dressed in a ballerina costume (I find it interesting, however, that in my daily course of life I never see a ballerina child at any local business).  Regardless, for the most part seeing a local commercial makes me want to change the channel, and hardly ever imbeds the companies name and image into my mind, especially not in a positive way.

This all changed about 3 years ago when Rhett and Link hit the scene.  If you haven’t heard of these guys by now you should have, or at least you will have after reading the following.  Rhett and Link have been lifelong buddies dating back to the first grade.  They grew up in the small town of Buies Creek, NC and later went on to room together while studying engineering at NC State.  Getting burnt out in the field of engineering after only a few short years, the duo decide to pursue their passion and do what they love; making funny songs and music videos.

The two began fusing their love of music and comedy and developed the excellent idea of making hilarious local TV commercials.  Their commercial debut came when they directed and filmed a clip for Red House furniture in High Point, NC with the tag line “Red House: where black people and white people buy furniture”.  Rhett and Link have expanded their reach and have created many TV campaigns for a variety of local companies including tattoo parlors, used car dealerships, and even the zoo.  Aside from their comedic take on the companies they advertise for, Rhett and Link’s bluntness and genuine portrayal of life in the “real” world makes their footage so catchy.  Consumers these days are tired of empty promises and being lied to by so many brands.  Rhett and Link tell it like it is, and that is truly something everyone can assimilate with.

Rhett and Link are a prime example of how to produce memorable, laughable, and over all enjoyable TV commercials for local businesses without a large budget.  I can tell you that if even half the local TV ads in between shows today were this funny, I would stay on the same channel that much longer.  The friends are also a testament to going after something you love doing and finding a way to make a living out of it.  Back in their school days, the pair never dreamed that they could sustain themselves and their families by pursuing a hobby.  Now they are living large and have moved beyond the local scene to produce film for companies including alka-seltzer, Starburst, Hummer, and Baby Ruth.

The video above is their newest to hit television.  You can check at the rest of their videos on their Youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/rhettandlink?blend=1&ob=4

08. April 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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