Google Shoot View

Google Street View is awesome. I’m constantly amazed by what Google has done with that platform and how 3rd parties are tying in to this. I also think that there are still a ton of possible ideas using the Street View API that have yet to be explored.

The latest project that caught my eye is called “Google Shoot View”. Yup, someone has turned Street View into a first-person shooter.

The concept of being able to walk through real streets holding an assault rifle is cool I guess. I mean, we’ve all wanted to load a couple rounds into the corner bakery, right?

The site is made and executed well. Fortunately, it isn’t more than just walking through streets firing a gun. No damage gets done. I don’t think it should ever go past that point. Shooting at renderings of actual people and buildings crosses the terrorist line for me, even if it is on a screen.

Overall, I like the concept in terms of pushing the boundaries of the Street View API. It’s simple, but it’s a step towards opening up the platform more and more.

What’s next? I’m ready.

12. December 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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