Facebook Stalking Meets Horror Movie

Facebook stalking is an accepted part of Internet culture. Everyone with an account has participated in this tradition at least once. However, there are limits, like not using your Facebook stalking to go on a serial killing rampage. Just wait till they come out with a mashup of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Social Network. Freddy Prince Jr. is just waiting for that call.

Much in this regard and with Halloween coming up quick, the folks over at Take This Lollipop have created a microsite that takes Facebook stalking to knew heights.

The premise for the video-based site is that a deranged psychopath is trying to kill you, and is using your Facebook to help. Once you click on the blue lollipop and sign in with your account, you are thrust into watching a classic killer look through your albums and status updates on the computer before he drives to your house with your profile picture printed and taped to the dashboard.

Typical horror movie plot with a cool interactive flair. The site does a good job integrating your Facebook info into a watchable experience, and does make you think twice about your privacy.

It also makes me question why lollipops are so hard to resist. Can we get an infographic on this please?

18. October 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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