Red Bull Does It Again

Seasons change, people come and go, but I always know I can count on Red Bull to push the boundaries of what is possible in the air, on the ground, and certainly online.

Red Bull is one of my favorite brands for their innovation and ability to diversify horizontally into various markets while maintaining great form. Past cool projects from them include their augmented reality racing and their street art site.

My latest fascination is a website for Red Bull’s “The Art of Flight” movie. This film documents various snowboarders as they take on some of the world’s most hardcore mountains. There is also a Roman candle drive-by shooting thrown in the mix.

Although the movie looks pretty spectacular in itself, the micro-site is what caught my eye. The background of the site is made up of scenes from the mountain with an artistic touch. The real beauty comes as you scroll down and are taken to the various areas on the site in one fluid movement. It would have been easy to make a mediocre micro-site hyping up the film, but Red Bull went all in and designed a fun user experience.

You win again Red Bull. Thanks for keeping it coming.

16. September 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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