Blink 182’s Fan Montage Video

Let’s take a journey back in time 10 years, when Napster was a hot topic of debate and Blink-182 came blasting through the speakers at my middle school dance as I awkwardly tried to dance to in all my white-boy glory. Copyright infringement as it relates to digital music had just begun to cause a stir, and has been a point of conversation since then.

Flash forward to the present. I don’t use hair gel anymore and my teeth are a lot straighter. Also, Blink-182 is attempting a comeback with their first single in over 8 years. In doing so, they are issuing a bit of a subdued commentary on digital copyright law by thanking fans for using their music without permission.

Partnering with AT&T, Blink-182 searched YouTube for every instance of fans using their music without band permission, and compiled this into a music video for their single “Up All Night”.

It’s always refreshing to see a band or musician thank their fans in a fun matter, even if it crosses touchy lines. It has also made for a cool video and will likely gain additional press for the band. I’d say it’s a win.

Is it fate that I found this video as Blink-182 was playing on my “Music from a time when I was way cooler than I am now” playlist? Yes. Now if only I had a Gap fleece or Old Navy Tech Vest, I’d be set.

04. August 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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