Smiling for Charity

What if all you had to do was smile to help out a charitable organization? This was the idea behind a Facebook campaign for Prigat. Prigat is a juice brand leading the market in Israel with their slogan, “open with a smile”.

The campaign encouraged fans to go to Prigat’s Facebook page where they could upload a photo of them smiling. The Facebook app was connected to a juicer and digital sign. Each time a fan uploaded a smile to the page, the sign would show their name as the juicer made a glass of orange juice in real-time. Fans could choose from one of four charitable organizations to receive the bottle of orange juice that they created with a smile. User Generated Orange Juice.

Fan’s smiles enabled 5,000 liters of orange juice to be donated to charities. I like seeing brands integrating offline real-time stunts with Facebook. One of my favorites in the past includes this campaign for Skittles.

Check out a recap from Prigat’s smile operation after the jump:

“I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.” -Buddy the Elf

28. June 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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