Stimorol Gum Loves Gingers

I have been blogging quite a bit lately about ad campaigns occurring outside the U.S. I think it is interesting to see and compare the differences between campaigns in the United States and those abroad. In this country we tend to air on the side of political correctness that isn’t always the case in other countries. This often leads to some eye-catching ad campaigns around the world.

My latest find (although about a month old) comes from Stimorol, one of the largest gum brands in South Africa. Stimorol, and agency Ogilvy, set out to find a creative approach to distribute 40,000 free sample packs of the company’s Orange Mint gum.

As with many campaigns, hitting on current events or tapping into relevant pop culture will often spur interest. Keeping this in mind, Stimorol recruited an army to help distribute their goods. This army was made up of gingers.

Over the past several years, gingers (or “red-heads” if you will) have been the butt of jokes, snarky comments, South Park episodes, and viral videos. Basically, gingers are an uprising waiting to happen.

Stimorol created HeartGingers, a sanctuary where those with orange hair could unite and band together in a common cause. Stimorol took to various social media outlets to organize this revolution. In exchange for their loyalty, gingers would receive free tickets to the Synergy Music Festival, because if there is anything that can make up for years of animosity and discrimination it is free concert tickets.

When it came time for the concert, Stimorol transported their following of gingers to the show via bus where they set out to distribute the 40,000 packs of gum in a blazing onslaught of orange-haired passion.

The campaign picked up a bunch of press throughout the country and got people interested and smiling. I hope it also reminded people that jokes are all in good fun, but sometimes they can be taken a bit too far. The next time you find yourself in a position to throw a jab at a ginger peer, maybe you should think twice and give them a hug instead. Plus, when was the last time you ever started a revolution?

The video below recaps the campaign and is narrated in a foreign accent making it exponentially more awesome.

22. June 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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