Video Game Job Recruitment

We are currently at war. It’s a fight for creative talent. In the advertising industry during this digital age, agencies are constantly battling to hire the brightest minds and sharpest talent. A job posting isn’t always enough to attract top-tier ability.

Denmark based agency Uncle Grey found themselves in this predicament when searching for a talented front-end developer. Their traditional job search methods were not quite producing the type of talent that they were hoping for. With a small budget for recruitment, they realized they needed an innovative and affordable method for attracting high-quality developers.

Uncle’s research indicated that developers spend a good amount of their free time playing video games, so what better way to lure in these potential candidates than by going in-game. Uncle decided to utilize the popular video game Team Fortress 2 to engage with these developers. The agency sought out the best Team Fortress 2 players and hired them to promote Uncle’s job opening in the game through branded profile names, digital posters, and in-game chat.

Ultimately this campaign was a huge success for Uncle, yielding 50 applications and leading to a hire.

In this war on talent, the most creative companies are often blessed with the most creative employees.

15. June 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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