Heineken Passes on Gimmicks

The beverage industry is ripe with gimmicks these days. From cans that tell you when your beer is cold to liquor bottles that have a shot glass for a top, each brand is trying their best to differentiate from the pack in a crowded market.

Companies continue with these stunts because they work, at least for a little while. However, after the novelty of a beer bottle that you can write your name on wears away, people are off looking for something else to base their purchase decision on.

These tactics can be annoying after a while, thus paving the way for Heineken’s campaign for their new can. Heineken’s latest TV and print ads call out their competitors and focus on a can with “all perfection” and “no gimmicks”.

Heineken “No Hype” :30 from johnny luisi on Vimeo.

I like the route Heineken is taking with this campaign. In essence, stating that they are above these gimmicks gives off an impression of a better product as well. Mainly, I’m just really tired of the predictably cheesy commercials from certain beer companies (I’m sure you can figure out which ones) and enjoy seeing Heineken harp on that.

Gimmicks may help generate sales in the short term, but they usually don’t help to secure lifetime buyers. That is a lesson worth applying across the board.

31. May 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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