Norte Beer: The Best Excuse Ever

Einstein’s theory of relationships states that for every guy who wants to go out and rage with his bros, there is one lady who wants to stay in, order Chinese takeout, wear PJs, and watch the latest Ryan Reynold’s chick flick.

It’s a part of life and many guys have been there. Often it takes a well crafted excuse for the girl to succumb to the guy’s request for an evening of high fives, $3 PBRs, and screaming karaoke to Toto songs.

“I’m just doing my part to stimulate the economy”. “Johnny is only in town for the next 15 weekends”. “Tim just broke up with Stacy and I really need to be there for him”. Although these are all worthy alibis, sometimes they just don’t make the cut.

In steps Argentinean beer brand Norte. Norte Beer set out to find the best excuse ever for guys to keep in their arsenal to sidestep a potentially traumatizing evening of cuddling and Twilight. The premise of the campaign was simple: for every Norte Beer that was consumed at the bar, Norte would donate 1 minute of good deeds.

Norte put together a set of many tasks including fixing up needy homes, maintaining parks, and cleaning city buildings. Norte placed giant signs to act as counters throughout a Northern Argentinean city to display the accumulating number of minutes of good deeds to be performed. The brand followed up with a website where fans could keep track of what good deeds were being accomplished.

The end results of the campaign were pretty incredible. Norte consumers helped generate over 50,000 minutes of good deeds (that’s over 833 hours!). Schools were repaired, monuments were restored, and parks were cleaned.

The best excuse ever worked. The more guys that went out, the nicer the city became. “I have to go out tonight hunny. This elementary school is in need of some major repair. It is my civil duty”.

Credit to Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi for putting on this great campaign. It is always rewarding to see an ad campaign tied to a worthy cause, especially when it can be completed in an innovative way. I especially like how the charitable cause was close to home. Fans got to see for themselves the lasting impact that the campaign had on their city.

Props to the Norte Beer guys for putting in the effort to complete all the good deeds. Someone needs to bring the best excuse ever to the states.

26. May 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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