If You Are Going To Copy, At Least Be Better

One of the biggest sins in advertising is copying another agency’s campaign idea, when your mimic falls flat. The recent Old Spice campaign was successful for a reason. It was fresh, funny, and original. However, when you land on something phenomenal, it is almost a certainty others will try and play off that.

In steps Dairy Queen. For the past several months, Dairy Queen has aired new commercials that look all too familiar. The solo man, the tongue-in-cheek tone of voice, the obscure references. Not only are these unoriginal, but they are also not very funny. Watch for yourself below:

I think this campaign could ultimately do more harm than good. While watching, Dairy Queen’s spot so closely resembles Old Spice that the first thing I think of is the deodorant brand. From the start, this commercial is already diluted for me. Consumers are smart, and they recognize a cheap knockoff when they see one.

In advertising, a field that revolves around creativity, if you are going to copy someone else, you need to add a bit more flair. Better yet, don’t copy and come up with a better original spot.

30. April 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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