Get Points for Un-following “Chumps”

Isn’t it about time you cleaned up your following list? If you are like most, chances are you follow a few people that are not worth the time. Working to clean up your timeline can take some serious effort, especially if you auto-follow everyone who follows you because you are a “nice person”. A new app for the iPhone and the Android Market called “ChumpDump” brings a little fun to the table when choosing who to un-follow.

The premise is simple; each day all of your friends on Twitter are thrown in a lottery. ChumpDump then presents you with someone you are following, and you are given the choice whether to “dump” or “save” them. If you choose to dump that person, you gain karma points. After earning enough karma, you can turn the lottery mode off, allowing you to un-follow whomever you may choose on demand. People who have been dumped, appropriately labeled “dumpies”, will go up for adoption in the ChumpDump world, allowing for others to decide if you were too hasty in your dumping.

Oprah once said, “think about any attachments that are depleting your emotional reserves. Consider letting them go”. She was obviously speaking about Twitter. Life is too short to have to read the mind-numbingly boring tweets from your old college buddy. Sometimes, you just need to let go.

If you question the potential popularity of ChumpDump, a quote from their website will alleviate your woes. “We like games and everyone loves the lottery, so we’ve given you a daily lottery game to play every day of the week”. Well said, genius minds behind ChumpDump.

19. July 2010 by Alex Trevisan
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