Paint Your Run

I’m always intrigued with different uses for technology outside of their traditional intended application. The latest cool offering comes from interactive collective YesYesNo. This art studio strives to add engaging and artistic attributes to several forms of interactive media.

For their latest project they teamed up with Nike+ to complete their Nike Free Run+ 2 City Pack series. YesYesNo created software that tracked data using Nike+ from several runners. These runs were then displayed visually based on the runner’s metrics including speed, acceleration, consistency, and style. After completing each run, the runner was able to get on the computer to add their choice of color and styles.

YesYesNo held a workshop for this event at Nike headquarters and participants got to keep a high-res printout of their run.

The resulting prints, while nothing reminiscent of van Gogh, are pretty cool and would be worthy of hanging up somewhere.

I’d love to try out my talents with YesYesNo’s system just to see what out of shape looks like visually.

29. April 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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