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Sometimes I feel like I could write a blog just about all the awesome things that Red Bull is doing around the world. The brand is one of my favorites and for good reason (little of which has to do with the drinks). Not only did Red Bull create an entire beverage category for energy drinks, but has rapidly extended their product line into various new markets without losing any brand equity. Not the easiest thing to do, especially when starting out as just a beverage.

One of the newest interactive experiences from Red Bull is their Augmented Racing App. This app for iPhone allows users to create a custom race track made of Red Bull cans and race their friends through this course in an augmented reality display.

Users purchase and line up several Red Bull cans on the ground in the form of a track design of their choice. Using the app’s camera, you then scan the front of the can to unlock the track building feature within the app. As you scan the rest of the cans on the ground, the app will create a track that mimics the formation you have set.

Once you have your track, you can record your best racing time in the video game. Sharing your track with friends allows them the ability to try and beat your time, while a ghostlike image of your car races along side of them replicating your winning race.

This video with Red Bull sponsored NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne visually explains how the app works:

You can download the app for free from the iTunes store. I love this idea from Red Bull as it fits in well with the brand, gives users something fun to play with, and ultimately encourages people to by loads of Red Bull. I’m already eagerly anticipating the next digital offering from the brand.

09. March 2011 by Alex Trevisan
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